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Download Plane vioz What a cool Movie. Plane Dead Free Plane Dead English Full Online Free Download. Free Download Plane dead island. Free download plane dead or alive. I have to say that the title (changed from the original PLANE DEAD) is pure genius. That said, I think "marginally worthwhile" describes the film perfectly. There is good and bad sprinkled throughout. In the good department, the last half hour really moves and there are some fine character actors (Kevin J. O'Conner, Erick Avari, Richard Tyson, Raymond Barry, Brian Thompson) in the film. The director also isn't afraid to throw some blood around. On the downside, some of the blood thrown is wonky CGI which is inexcusable. There are also some laughable fire and airplane effects. The script is a missed opportunity and definitely bloated as Lang mentioned. It is 40 minutes before the first zombie attack. But if you want zombies chewing on people, this isn't bad.

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Free Download Plane deadline. If it won't cost you anything and if you don't mind wasting 90 minutes of your life. Those are the conditions under which I can recommend you see this "film.
It might be said that zombies have been done to death (pun intended) and there's nothing original left to be said, so why is somebody still trying? Can the stone still have another drop of blood squeezed out of it? Evidently, market research must show that people will still go and see crap like this. Why is beyond me. I can't think of a single reason to sit through this one.
One goes to this sort of film to get one's wits scared out. Well, that's why we used to go. That was when they were still making scary movies. Remember those? It not only isn't scary, it's full of bad acting and stupid characters who you couldn't possibly care about; so what if they're all zombies by the time the plane lands?
Even the title is lame. I liked the idea (on one of the message boards) of calling it "Flight of the Living Dead. It's a joke movie, so it should have a joke title, rather than a lame one, though admittedly, it's a lame movie as well. I can't think of a lame joke title that isn't stupid also. Oh, wait. It's a stupid movie, too. So, a lame joke stupid title would be. br> Just don't waste your time. I'm being generous giving it a 2.

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