Well hello. AlbatrossofTime, in case you didn't know. Most of the time I'm streaming Risk of Rain or some horrible amalgamation of rogue-like nightmare. Tonight we're starting off swinging. Risk of Rain Monsoon runs. Come for the suffering, stay for the kick-flipping. Channel - Schedule - 8:30PM EST till The End of the World Game Description: Risk of Rain! Suffering abound at the hands of the RNG Jesus. Come watch me kickflip the shit out of fate itself. Cast: I'm just a seabird, floating through time. Kickflip late impossible. Kickflip contest.

Kickflip catch. Kickflip mctwist tony hawk. Kickflip true skate. IGN: Lefty_Leftfield Birth date: That's confidential Time zone: PST Main server: Gold a. k. a. the Care Bear server 1) Why are you filling out this application? I would like to join the PR slaves team and this is the only way known to mankind. 2) What do you expect to do with this role? Be told what to do by Saur and Miecha and do the thing before they hit me for not doing the thing. 3) What would you want to do with this role? Turn the @VoxMc twitter handle into a We Bare Bears appreciation stream. Me and my 300+ We Bare Bears gifs are ready. 4) How much time do you expect to have available on a weekly basis? At least 12 time. 5) Do you have any experience editing text such as articles, books, or marketing? Yes. 6) What gets you out of bed in the morning? The sweet, delicious taste of Kelloggs TM Frosted Flakes. They're Gr-r-reat! 7) Additional cool stuff we should know about you: I landed a kickflip at least once so that definitely gives me a +1 to base coolness modifier. I did once wear sunglasses at night however, so that likely cancels out any coolness I once had. Here is a super cool video presentation for your enjoyment.

Kickflip 180. Your account has no avatar To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Or Upload on Y8 Account Cancel. Backflip record. ONLINE BROADCASTS - NEXT DAYS 13. 02 01:30 Atlético Tucumán - The Strongest (Football, Copa Libertadores) Football, Copa Libertadores SC Corinthians Paulista - Club Guaraní EC Bahia - Club Nacional de Football (Football, Copa Sudamericana) Football, Copa Sudamericana 13. 02 11:00 ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament (Tennis, ATP) Tennis, ATP St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy (Tennis, WTA) Tennis, WTA 13. 02 17:00 VK Jihostroj České Budějovice - Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta Istanbul (Volleyball, Champions League) Volleyball, Champions League 13. 02 20:30 Itas Trentino - Cucine Lube Civitanova 13. 02 20:45 AC Milan - Juventus FC (Football, Coppa Italia) Football, Coppa Italia 13. 02 21:00 Benfica Lisboa - Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia Real Sociedad - CD Mirandés (Football, Copa del Rey) Football, Copa del Rey SAS Épinal - AS Saint-Étienne (Football, Coupe de France) Football, Coupe de France 14. 02 01:30 Club Sporting Cristal - Barcelona SC CA Independiente - Fortaleza EC 14. 02 17:00 South Africa - England (Cricket, Twenty20 International) Cricket, Twenty20 International 14. 02 20:30 Borussia Dortmund - Eintracht Frankfurt (Football, Bundesliga) Football, Bundesliga 15. 02 15:30 RB Leipzig - Werder Bremen TSG Hoffenheim - Vfl Wolfsburg FC Augsburg - SC Freiburg SC Paderborn 07 - Hertha BSC Union Berlin - Bayer Leverkusen 15. 02 15:30.

Well hello. AlbatrossofTime, in case you didn't know. Most of the time I'm streaming Risk of Rain or some horrible amalgamation of rogue-like nightmare. Tonight we're starting off swinging. Risk of Rain Monsoon runs. Oh for the cold, that was so bold, and yet untold in the time of old, the one who comes to take my soul. Channel - Schedule - 8:30PM EST till The End of the World Game Description: Risk of Rain! Suffering abound at the hands of the RNG Jesus. Come watch me kickflip the shit out of fate itself. Cast: I'm just a seabird, floating through time. Kickflip lance. Kickflip 3. Kickflip mctwist. Kickflip fingerboard. Kickflip tutorial. Kickflip sequence. Kickflip skateboard stroller meme.

Kickflip on penny board. Backflip video. Kickflip 2. Kickflip support. Kickflip slow motion. Kickflip foot placement. Kickflip definition. Kickflip boys. Kickflip fingerboard slow motion. The Premier League is the oldest and the most beautiful football league in the world. In the English league there are 20 teams and it operates on a system of promotion and relegation. One of the strangest things is that clubs from Wales can participate in Premier League live stream. The season usually last from August to May and that depends if there is an European Championship or a World Cup in that year. The teams play 38 games in total, 19 games on the home ground, 19 on the away ground. So, if we sum it up, we have a total of 380 games per season, and all of them you can watch if for free on our English Premier League stream page. Premier League is for sure the most-watched national league from the world, it has over 1 million viewers per year. From 1992 until the present, 47 teams played in the first national league, but only six won the title: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn City and Leicester City. This new season of Premier League will be the most interesting season in its history, some of the best coaches from the world will be here this year, along players like Hazard, Aguero and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Mourinho will be on Manchester United bench, Conte will be the key for Chelsea new season, and Guardiola hopes to win a new title in a new championship. All the games can be watched online on our Premier League stream page. No sign up or subscription required. Updated streaming links by the minute. Watching your favorite match today is just a click away. The quality of our stream is very good, a lot of them can be watched HD, also all of them will be available in SD quality. The Premier League live streams are very stable so you dont have to reload the page over and over again. All Premier League fans are welcomed to tune in to our Premier League live streams to watch all the games for free. This website is very user friendly and you dont need a credit card or login to watch any of the games, we do whatever we can to give you the best experience on our site.

Kickflip inventor. Kickflip on a shovel. Kickflip mid. Kickflip braille skateboarding. Kickflip backpack. Kickflip youtube. Kickflips shoes. Kickflip in 48 hours. Kickflip underflip. Kickflip boys book. Kickflip vlskate. Kickflip seat. PSG Live Stream Watch Paris Saint-Germain Live Streaming Games. Jack Black EPIC birthday pool party murder mystery smutt fan fic It's a sunny day in the jack house. Mr Black wakes up and he's just feelin today, you know? He looks at his phone to show he just reached 7. 6 billion subs on his youtube channel. “Also got em all” he snickered to himself before opening his bedroom door to reveal his massive entirely gold mansion with painting and sculptures of himself nude. He walked to his bathroom that is the size of a football field that is made of all mirrors so he can see himself from all angles while he showers in the worlds biggest shower. He takes his clothes off to reveal he is actually shredded with an 8 pack and pecks that are epic. He has a tattoo of Poe with a speech bubble that says skadoosh while jerking off. After his epic shower, jack black enters his communication room where he records a 3d message that is to be broadcast across the world in every single person home. “What's jablines jables? Its ya nigga, Jack Jablinski Black. Just coming to you live to announce that i'm still epic. ” He then ends the announcement before going outside to his garage that is also a skatepark, where he does some sick skate tricks with Tony Hawk who is now Jack Blacks legally adopted brother and lover. He does a 360 kickflip ollie handstand, sticks the landing, and then kisses Tony on the mouth. “No homo? ” says a shy and afraid Tony Hawk who is now blushing. “No, full homo. I love you bro. ” replies Jack. They bump fists and go separate ways. Jack whips out his iPhone 12 that he made in his free time and then sends out a group message. “Hello friends. It is I, very epic nigga Jack Black. Having a pool party/ orgy at my place tonight. Come on over. ” He then sends that message to the entire cast of the new jumanji movies, christopher walken, josh brolin, and Ninja. He goes inside his house again and then begins streaming himself jerking off in front of his camera on “This is sponsered by Raid: Shadow Legends, and by President Nigga Jack Black, who is also me. I've never been much of a mobile gamer, but, forget everything you think you know about mobile games because Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 has just been released and will change everything. Just look at the level of detail of these characters! If you use the code in the description you can start with 50, 000 silver and join the Special Launch Tournament, and you better hurry because it's getting big fast! You can play for totally free with the link below on your smartphone. ” He ends the stream and goes to his living room to watch School of Rock 5: More Rocks, starring The Rock, playing Jack Black, but hes the rock now. Jack is a really sad man and only finds joy in drinking apple juice by himself but claiming that its actually coffee and saying “I should really stop drinking so much coffee”. He lost his two sons in the divorce, but that's fine with him because he's kinda just boolin. All of a sudden his phone begins to go off, he is getting a call from Jesus. “Sup Jesus? ” “Nothing much Jack, do you still want to go shopping with me this weekend” “Sorry man, I promised Tony I would teach him how to croshay this weekend. ” “Oh okay thats fine. Goodbye” Jesus hangs up and jack sighs. “Poor jesus, i wish i could make space in my schedule to hang out with him but I just can't. ” Jack then eats an entire turkey by himself with his bare hands and cries in his room about the divorce because he still misses her. He did everything he could for her but it just wasn't enough. Jack is a nice guy and he really didnt deserve that. He misses his kids so much, but no matter how much he cries, he knows his ex wife will never take him back and he will never see his kids again. He mastrubates again to pictures of himself crying. He is still streaming. End of chapter 1. Chapter 2. Jacking off. Jack black is a chronic masturbater. End of chapter 2. Chapter 3. Back in Jack (nigga) It's finally night time, time for jack black to have his pool party which is actually a surprise b-day party for Christopher Walken. As everyone starts to arrive, Jack Black personally greets all of them by giving them signed copies of Kung Fu Panda 2. Everyone is there, but even when surrounded by his closest friends at a happy pool party orgy birthday party, jack is still so fucking sad that he doesnt know what to do with himself so he starts listening to Mr Brightside by the killers, but he is the one singing in the song. Everyone says happy b day to chris, surprise chris! I hope you have a great year: All of a sudden the lights turn off Jack: “No” Everyone screams but then the lights turn back on. Chris is dead: he was killed by a knife being inserted into his neck. Everyone is sad but there must be a killer, right? Yeah but idk who it is either. ninja: Fortnite He leaves, we know it wasnt him because he doesn't stream on twitch anymore, only mixer. Good for you. Jack: Josh Brolin, you play thanos, did you do this? Josh: no i don't use knives, i prefer katana bc its cooler. Nobody believes him because have you seen Josh Brolin? He looks like a bad guy. Everyone then went and grabbed a shovel and began to dig a grave for the late Christopher Watken. The Rock and Kevin Hart both cried, it was very emotional. As they lowered the body, they listened to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, which coincidentally was also the song that Jack Black and his ex wife danced to on their wedding day. This made Jack a very sad boy, he then ate more turkey that was in his back pocket. After the burial, Jack and Karen Gillian went outside to have a smoke, but since neither of them smoke they just stood there in silence with nothing but each others company. Karen(in a stupid scotish accent) Jack, if this is life, and death is a part of life, what is the point anymore? Jack: Love. Love is always the point to enduring all of this pain nigga. Karen shed a single tear to this comment, she gazed out into the night sky and saw nothing, but she knew somewhere out there was a man who she can someday love, even if he wasnt a man but instead a dog that wore mittens. They both went back inside where everyone else was sitting quietly at a table, sad, silent, and afraid, except for one. The killer. Idk who that is though. Jack: i know you must all be afraid and confused but one of us killed Chris, and obviously it isnt ninja because he doesnt stream on twitch anymore, only mixer. Good for him. ROCK: JACK PLEASE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO CHRISTOPHER WATKEN WAS MY RIDE HOME Jack: its okay, its a slumber party. ROCK. Jack: there is only one way to find out who the killer is, and seeing as though i am a detective, Detective Jack Nigga Jablinski Black, i will do the finding out the killer part. Starting with you Kevin Hart, come with me Kevin: talks in short joke] They go into the other room. Jack:i know it wasnt you but how are you holding together baby? Kevin: short] Jack: im sorry princess, ill try to rap this up as soon as possible. Jack kisses kevin on the forehead and they go back. Jack: this is gonna take too long, i have a better idea. Lets have an orgy and ill figure it out that way. Karen Gillian turns into a dog wearing mittens and falls asleep, very nice. The rest of the get naked and touch butts because thats just what you do when this happens. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck okay yeah. Sike, no sex, they were just talking about how funny big chungus is lol. Whenever Jack Black has to see his parents during the holidays, he always pretends that he doesn't like showering because the water reminds him of his own tears and makes him upset so that they have to clean him with balsamic vinaigrette, when in reality he just liked the smell.