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  1. Audience Score: 98 vote
  2. countries: USA
  3. release Date: 2006
  4. Writed by: Rob Avery
  5. Slashers Gone Wild! is a movie starring Lalaneya Albright, Andrea Anderson, and Tiffany Apan. There is a contest The prize is immortality. To win the contest all you have to do is KILL! A demon with the ability to resurrect and

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  1. Audience Score - 172 votes
  2. Beautiful and young, Stella is a popular go-go dancer living alone with her mother by the French Riviera. Their lives unravel when a middle-age man becomes obsessed with Stella
  3. Chantal Poupaud, Anne Villacèque
  4. country - France
  5. Anne Villacèque

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  1. Batul Mukhtiar
  2. Genre=Drama
  3. 1 hour 30m
  4. tomatometers=8,8 of 10
  5. Kaphal: Wild Berries is a movie starring Hema Bisht, Ramkishan Choyal, and Subrat Dutta. Two boys try to send their strict father back to the city with the help of the forest witch, but instead get taken for a merry ride by her

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7,4 / 10; score: 71 Vote; Runtime: 59 Minutes; Casts: Wilfried Hochholdinger; Creator: David Ungureit


  • Taylor Upchurch
  • info - Grimmwood is a movie starring Anna Broadway, Taylor Upchurch, and Jordyn Tracy. When people in their hometown begin dying on the anniversary of an accused witch's execution, a depressed journalist and his teenage sister set out to
  • directed by - Matt Kiser
  • Writed by - Blair Hoyle