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Countries - UK / Release Year - 1999 / Brief - The Harpist is a movie starring Christien Anholt, Colin Baker, and Jean Anderson. An ordinary young man is enthralled by a beautiful harpist, who comes to play in his town. Taken over by her charms he becomes involved in her darker / ratings - 6,5 / 10 / cast - Christien Anholt

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Country: Canada / Release date: 1998 / Directors: Charles Binamé / Louise is living in Montreal, unemployed. Her sister Paulette often gives her a hard time. She only gets to see her poetry-quoting married boyfriend Julien once a week. She hangs out a lot at the dance studio in her building... Louise decides to offer an hour of her time to strangers on the street. "An hour of myself", to do whatever they want to do. But one hour precisely, that's it. This leads to many different situations, some funny, some sexy, some sad. Louise talks to someone who later turns out to have been an undercover reporter. The reporter anticipates a bad end for Louise / writed by: Charles Binamé

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The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch' is a dark comedy about a lonely small time hit man. Shot documentary style, the film reveals a pathetically empty and misguided man and the callousness of the film makers who just want to get the shots, unmoved by torture and murder. The contradiction between personal life and job, and the apathy of the people making the documentary reflects satirically the dispassion of the media 32 Votes 7,2 / 10 Lisa Hammer Thriller